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Where to start, funnily enough I am a teacher! I prefer to to use more a flowery description of what I do during the day – Entertainer & Inspirer of tomorrows leader – but realistically I attempt to teach 11 – 13 year olds stuff that will help them in the future.

I grew up in the small back water of Motueka in little old Tasman Bay and when I was old enough departed the sunny climes and headed south to Otago for an extended stay at the greatest University that would have me. After a wee while I left there with a Bachelors degree in History and a Bachelors degree in Teaching.

I have been teaching at a large Intermediate School in Taranaki since the start of 2002 with a wee break in 2004/5 to teach little rascals in London. I have had the dubious pleasure of teaching all ages from 3 1/2 (in the UK) to 13. At this stage I can say semi-confidently that I quite enjoy teaching Year 7 and 8s.

From 2008-2011 I had the pleasure of teaching IT full-time as part of our schools Technology rotation. This was a MASSIVE learning curve. Not only did I have to learn to do stuff that I thought I could already do and then teach it kids, but I have had to learn to do stuff I didn’t even know existed!! I had to develop an entirely new set of behaviour management systems and my normal teaching styles have gone completely out the window – BUT man it was cool!!

Last year I took the opportunity to ‘go back into the classroom’ and teach a class of Year 7 students. I really missed the joy of getting to know 30ish students really well but I also thought I was starting to lose touch with the direction that teaching was heading here in New Zealand. So after some pretty intensive retraining and struggling to get my head around the planning, assessment, leadership components of my role, my class and I made it through the year relatively harm free. Returning to the class is the one of the best things I have done – I never realised how much I actually missed the variety and randomness that teaching something different everyday to a group of students, who are really keen learn, provides.

Anyway this is just a little background stuff eventually I might get round to letting some more secrets out, but for now this should suffice. By the way you can tweet me at mrhnz.

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